Boise Solstice City Sticker
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Boise - Solstice City of the Northwest


3 in. x 9 in.

Choose from Navy or Red.

Whether one believe's this is the result of Masonic design or pure coincidence, let's celebrate Boise's energy and sense of renewal that's enjoyed through the changing of seasons when the solstice sunrise (winter) and sunset (summer) align perfectly with Boise's original downtown street grid. Also capturing imagery and symbols that define some of Boise's characteristics, this 3 inch x 9 inch bumper sticker is available in navy, light blue, or red.

Check out this SunCalc app set for the Winter Solstice 2017 (Dec. 21st, 9:28 am) if you don't believe it!

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Boise Solstice City Sticker
Boise Solstice City Sticker